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You're Going to Die, also known as YG2D, is a truly remarkable creator on Patreon who has taken the concept of mortality and transformed it into an inspiring and thought-provoking podcast. With their Creatively Conscious Mortality Podcast, they delve deep into the topic of our shared mortality, engaging in intimate conversations with artists, grief workers, healers, and anyone interested in exploring the challenges and beauty of having only one life to give. Hosted by Ned Buskirk, this podcast features incredible guests such as Ani DiFranco, Andrea Gibson, Stephen Jenkinson, and many other influential figures from various creative fields. By offering a space for understanding and connection around the universal truth that we are all going to die, You're Going to Die provides a valuable resource for communal gathering and grieving. As a patron, you will gain early access to podcast episodes and exclusive special edition content. Join this extraordinary community and support the important work that You're Going to Die does in the world. Visit to find out more about this exceptional creator and their impactful podcast.


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