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Turtle Time Health and Fitness, led by the passionate and empathetic Lux Karpov Kinrade, is a unique program designed specifically for individuals suffering from chronic health issues. Lux's personal journey with various health complications, including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Lyme Disease, has provided her with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those in similar situations. Unlike other health and fitness regimens, Turtle Time emphasizes the importance of taking it slow and being consistent rather than overwhelming oneself with grand gestures. The program draws inspiration from turtles and tortoises, which symbolize health, longevity, and steady progress. Lux's extensive background as an athlete, martial artist, dancer, gymnast, personal trainer, Reiki Master Healer, and hypnotherapist adds credibility to her expertise in guiding individuals with chronic health issues toward improved well-being. Through Turtle Time, Lux aims to help participants incorporate self-care into their daily lives in a maintainable manner. With certifications in personal training, sports nutrition, exercise therapy, weight management techniques, yoga, transformation methods, and ongoing training with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), Lux combines various modalities to address nutrition, movement, lifestyle adjustments, and the mind-body connection. Her holistic approach also includes utilizing hypnotherapy and herbal knowledge for healing purposes. Throughout the year-long program at Turtle Time Health and Fitness, participants can expect discussions on different aspects of well-being along with optional recorded meditations and self-hypnosis sessions. Join Lux on this transformative journey of finding balance and improving both physical health and mental-emotional outlook on life. Embrace the turtle's wisdom and become the turtle yourself!


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