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The Gamer Gig, also known as the talented and passionate video game journalist curator, is making waves in the industry with their incredible efforts to create job opportunities for fellow journalists. With a strong dedication to connecting writers with writing gigs in the dynamic world of video games, The Gamer Gig has become a go-to resource for aspiring journalists looking to break into this exciting field. While their free weekly thread on Twitter provides valuable insights into available opportunities, becoming a patron of The Gamer Gig on Patreon offers so much more. By subscribing, you gain early access to exclusive listings, gain access to FAQs about working in the industry, and connect with other like-minded journalists. What sets The Gamer Gig apart from others is their commitment to giving back. All proceeds from this Patreon go towards supporting children fighting illness at St. Jude. By purchasing a Nintendo Switch and a game for a St. Jude patient, The Gamer Gig spreads joy and positivity within the gaming community while helping those in need. Join The Gamer Gig today and become part of a passionate community that not only fosters career growth but also makes a difference in the lives of others.


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