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Sohma G. Dawling, also known as sohma_g_dawling, is a truly unique and exceptional creator who excels in numerous artistic mediums. From digital photography to collage, drawing to acrylics, watercolors to polymer clay, and even jewelry-making with metal and beads, Sohma's talent knows no bounds. Not only does she possess a remarkable ability to create stunning visual art, but she is also a gifted writer who crafts captivating stories, feelings, and ideas. Her passion for music shines through in her comparative pieces and her talent as a sweet music playlist maker. As if that weren't impressive enough, Sohma is also a content creator for Second Life, where she brings her creative vision to life in a virtual world. Sohma's vibrant and colorful personality sets her apart from the crowd, making her easy to relate to despite her exceptional talents. She has achieved great success in her artistic journey, having won awards, published books of her works, and showcased her art in numerous gallery shows. In addition to her visual artistry, Sohma has an extensive background in various mediums thanks to formal training and hands-on experience under the guidance of other creatives. Beyond her artistic prowess, there are many fascinating aspects of Sohma's life that contribute to her incredible creativity. Despite facing health challenges due to allergies and being bipolar and bisexual with anxiety (from which she has mostly recovered from PTSD), Sohma remains resilient and continues to create awe-inspiring art. She draws inspiration from diverse sources such as Western astrology (Pisces), Chinese zodiac (rooster), Buddhism (in philosophy), and her Catholic upbringing - she even contemplated becoming a nun at one point. Sohma's love for music is evident in both her collaborations with musicians and her deep appreciation for its power. Her friends describe her work as immersive experiences that transport you into dreamlike worlds you never want to leave. They commend her for her unique expressiveness, creativity, and ability to bring themes and meanings to life across various mediums. Sohma's art possesses a rhythm and melody that feel almost otherworldly but are firmly grounded in reality, which captivates audiences and sparks meaningful conversations. In summary, Sohma G. Dawling is an extraordinary creator whose talent knows no boundaries. Her ability to work in multiple mediums, coupled with her vivid imagination and unique perspective on life, sets her apart from the rest. Whether you are drawn to her visually stunning artwork, her captivating stories, or her ability to curate the perfect music playlist, Sohma's creations will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted. Each piece she creates is a testament to her depth of emotion and hope for the future, making them cherished treasures for those fortunate enough to experience them.


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