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Communication By Captivation, also known as SiriusAI, is an extraordinary creator on Patreon who is bringing us the innovative and captivating world of "Sirius AI: A Post-Apocalyptic Musical". This unique project combines the genres of Broadway musicals, animation, and lighthearted adventure to create a story that will leave you mesmerized. Set in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has forgotten its history and lost its humanity, this original musical cartoon series follows the journey of a downtrodden android and an optimistic robot as they search for meaning in a meaningless world. Each episode promises gripping character arcs, beautiful 2D animation, and original Broadway-inspired musical sequences that will have you singing and dancing along with the robots. But this project goes beyond entertainment; it aims to spark meaningful dialogue about important issues such as mental health, the nature of humanity, and the purpose of our existence. The creators behind Communication By Captivation have poured their hearts into this project for four years, driven by their passion and belief in its potential impact. Now they need your support to take it to the next level. By becoming a patron, your funds will help support the talented artists who bring this script to life, including audio mixers, digital illustrators, graphic designers, instrumentalists, choreographers, and more. In return for your support, you'll receive exclusive goodies and incentives that make you feel like part of this incredible journey. Together with Communication By Captivation, we can make history by creating one of the best homemade animated musical cartoons about robots learning how to be human. Join us on this heartwarming adventure and let's make the world a better place through art and storytelling.


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