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Pixel Fusion, also known as PixelFusion, is a true artist when it comes to creating Bead Sprite Portraits and Decorations. With a deep-rooted passion for video game art, this talented creator's entire life has revolved around pixels. From the tender age of 8, Pixel Fusion began honing their skills in pixel art by recreating iconic images from beloved games like Mario Bros and Zelda. Fast forward nearly 30 years later, and their passion for SNES style graphics has found a perfect home in the world of Perler bead portraits. These intricate artworks are a testament to Pixel Fusion's creativity, as they expertly overlay beads to recreate the parallax effect seen in games. The results are truly breathtaking and must be witnessed firsthand. While their focus usually centers around capturing memorable moments from the 16-bit era, Pixel Fusion also delves into creating custom art of newer games. Despite their ventures into other subjects, it is clear that at their core, Pixel Fusion thrives on evoking the joys of childhood through their creations. As patrons, we are invited to join them on this nostalgic journey of reliving our precious memories.


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