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Myles O'Reilly is an incredibly talented musician and filmmaker who is dedicated to capturing the essence of culture through his music visual documents. With a deep belief in the power of music as the ultimate custodian of culture, Myles uses his films to convey the rich tapestry of humanity's joys, sorrows, hopes, accomplishments, and history. Whether he is exploring his native Ireland or venturing abroad, Myles follows his ears and keenly observes the environment around him to authentically portray the spirit of a place. By supporting Myles on Patreon with just the cost of a snack bar per month, you have the opportunity to contribute to his mission of creating one captivating music film every month. As his Patreon community grows, so does his reach and ambition, allowing him to provide rare glimpses into the beating heart of various cultures, countries, families, individuals, and stories that might otherwise remain hidden. Join Myles on this artistic journey and experience the magic of music brought to life through his lens. Sonas Ort!


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