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Introducing Mega Knockdown, a talented creator who is revolutionizing the world of indie gaming with their captivating turn-based 2D fighting game. Currently in Early Access on Steam, Mega Knockdown already boasts a strong core gameplay experience that has garnered praise from gamers worldwide. However, recognizing the importance of presentation, Mega Knockdown has embarked on an exciting collaboration with the incredibly skilled artist, Alan McMillian, to take their game to new heights through a comprehensive graphical overhaul. To make this dream a reality, Mega Knockdown is seeking the support of their dedicated community. By contributing to their Patreon, you not only become part of the journey towards making Mega Knockdown the best game it can be but also directly assist in compensating the talented artists involved in this transformation. Join forces with Mega Knockdown and witness the evolution of this exceptional gaming experience unfold before your eyes!


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