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K8sarkissian is a talented creator who specializes in creating captivating cosplay content, lingerie, and lewdy wifuzzz. With a passion for all things nerdy, K8sarkissian discovered the world of comics, anime, video games, and cosplay in 2014 and immediately became hooked. Through her creative and intricate cosplay designs, she brings beloved characters to life. K8sarkissian's dedication to continuously improving her craft is evident as she takes on increasingly challenging projects. While she may not consider herself an expert in cosplay, she eagerly shares her knowledge with others. By joining her Patreon community, supporters gain access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, including photo shoots and videos not available on social media. In addition, K8sarkissian offers personalized polaroids and themed prints that are personally signed. Her Patreon also grants access to daily Snapchat updates, ranging from fun and goofy moments to more intimate and lewd content. For those looking to connect on a deeper level, K8sarkissian offers the opportunity to meet up at conventions for a chance to hang out and take selfies. Joining her Patreon not only supports her passion but also allows fans to be part of her journey in creating stunning cosplay art.


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