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Fusion Fragment, also known as fusionfragment, is an exceptional creator in the realm of speculative fiction. With a mission to provide a haven for extraordinary stories that struggle to find their place, Fusion Fragment re-launched in March 2020 as a semi-professional SF market. The response since then has been overwhelming, with an abundance of incredible stories flooding in. The dedication lies in giving these tales the recognition they deserve and showcasing the brilliance of the talented writers behind them. What sets Fusion Fragment apart is its commitment to accessibility. The magazine operates on a pay-what-you-want basis, allowing readers to freely download digital copies of each issue or choose to support by contributing financially. Although this model covers only a small portion of production costs, Fusion Fragment remains steadfast in its determination to keep the magazine accessible to all. While financial sustainability may remain a challenge, Fusion Fragment's unwavering passion and personal investment ensure that issues will continue to grace the shelves with the frequency readers crave.


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