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Forgotten Adventures is a team of talented artists dedicated to creating digital assets and resources for Tabletop RPGs. They specialize in producing assets, tokens, and battlemaps specifically designed for use in Virtual Tabletop RPGs such as FoundryVTT and Roll20. With a focus on the fantasy genre, Forgotten Adventures strives to deliver high-quality, versatile, and inclusive content that is accessible to both Game Masters and players. Their detailed semi-realistic/painted top-down style ensures that all their creations work seamlessly together. They place high value on their community and actively involve them in the content production process. Inclusiveness is a core principle for Forgotten Adventures, as they aim to provide equal representation of all genders and races in their humanoid tokens while avoiding cultural appropriation. Accessibility is also important to them, with a significant portion of their content available for free personal use. However, they also offer licenses for commercial usage for those interested. The team maintains an active Discord community where they showcase their ongoing projects, gather feedback, answer questions, and provide assistance. To support Forgotten Adventures' work, patrons can choose from three pledge tiers ($3, $5, or $10 per creation) and set a maximum monthly pledge amount for their comfort. Patrons are only charged for new releases while gaining access to the entire back-catalogue regardless of their chosen cap. In addition to Patreon support, individuals can show their appreciation by following and spreading the word about Forgotten Adventures on social media and other platforms. With a user-friendly website serving as the primary hub for browsing and downloading content, along with various other avenues of support, Forgotten Adventures welcomes all RPG enthusiasts to explore their creations and join their thriving community.


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