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Introducing Daniel Belasco, a talented musician and artist who is ready to captivate your senses with his incredible creations. As a supporter on Patreon, you have the amazing opportunity to directly contribute to Daniel's artistic journey and help him continue producing the content you love. With his synthpop/synthwave act called Glass Apple Bonzai, old-school industrial EBM project Razorback Hollow, and his occasional acoustic cover songs, Daniel's musical prowess knows no bounds. But that's not all - he also hosts a fascinating podcast called The Things That Dreams Are Made Of, where he shares influential songs and their backstories. And now, for the first time ever, Daniel will be unveiling his captivating visual art exclusively for Patreon subscribers. By joining his community, you gain access to exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes videos of his songwriting process, lyric writing insights, and even recording and audio production tutorials. Your support not only allows Daniel to focus on creating the content you adore but also grants him the freedom to explore new avenues of creativity. Let's come together to make Daniel's dream a reality - a world where his music, art, podcasts, and videos can be enjoyed by all. Join Daniel Belasco on Patreon today and become a part of something truly extraordinary.


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