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Cyanide & Happiness is a dynamic team of talented artists and animators who are dedicated to creating animated shorts and comic strips. Led by Kris, Rob, and Dave, this creative collective utilizes Patreon to bring their unique vision to life while offering exclusive perks to their supporters. Despite the challenges faced by independent studios in an increasingly family-friendly online landscape, Cyanide & Happiness remains committed to producing content for adults. By joining their Patreon community, you not only contribute to the creation of the content you love but also gain access to an array of exciting rewards. In 2023, they have revamped their rewards program, including mailing out goody bags filled with one-of-a-kind magnets, stickers, card game expansions, pins, and other surprise merchandise every four months. Additionally, you'll enjoy special Discord access where you can join the creators during premieres of brand new content, engaging in games, and even sharing intimate secrets. Exclusive streams, hangouts, behind-the-scenes content like never-before-seen animatics (both funny and not-so-funny), discount codes, and early access to limited edition merchandise are just some of the additional benefits awaiting members of this fun little club. Whether you contribute $2 or more per month, your support helps Cyanide & Happiness continue creating the animations that captivate audiences worldwide. Join now and become part of this thriving community!


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