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Breakmaster Cylinder is a highly talented and versatile creator on Patreon. With a passion for creating UNRELEASED music, Breakmaster Cylinder is known for writing themes, scores, video game music, and heavy beats. Their sound design and remixes are exceptional, making them a sought-after artist in the industry. Collaborating with renowned platforms such as Gimlet, Vox, Atlantic, POLITICO, and more, Breakmaster Cylinder has proven their expertise in producing high-quality content. In addition to their experimental albums, they offer exclusive access to early releases and unreleased/in-progress music for all their members. Joining their Patreon community also grants you access to a dedicated Slack channel where you can engage with other fans and discuss their captivating creations. If you're looking for innovative and boundary-pushing music, Breakmaster Cylinder is the creator to follow.


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