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Bespoke Plays is a remarkable creator on Patreon who is dedicated to creating staged readings of new plays. Led by Christine Boylan and Ellie Pyle, this writer-driven company offers bi-coastal opportunities for diverse storytellers with a passion for genre writing across TV, Film, Games, Comics, and Podcasts. With four successful seasons under their belt, Bespoke Plays has showcased an impressive array of plays spanning science fiction, historical romance, dark comedy, magical realism, and political drama. Their talented actors have made notable appearances in popular shows like Star Trek: Discovery, The Magicians, Yellowjackets, Leverage, The Affair, City on the Hill, Supergirl, Daredevil, Punisher, Madam Secretary, Supernatural, Westworld, Sailor Moon, and Girls5eva. Broadway and National Tours also boast the involvement of their incredible cast members. What sets Bespoke Plays apart is their commitment to inclusivity and representation. All of their casts are multicultural and encompass a wide spectrum of gender and sexuality. Behind the scenes, they prioritize gender parity and diversity of worldviews among the artists involved in their productions. As a volunteer-based staff, Bespoke Plays relies on funding to cover essential expenses such as monthly theatre rentals and stipends for actors and directors. However, they are expanding their digital offerings to include on-demand recordings of all their readings and future audio plays for those who can't attend live performances in New York or LA. To support this fantastic initiative further or explore membership benefits, reach out to them at [email protected]. If you prefer making a one-time contribution, they also accept payments through PayPal. Bespoke Plays is a beacon of creativity that fosters diverse content and talent within the theater community while embracing the power of storytelling in all its forms.


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