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Introducing Action Figure Fusion (AFF), the ultimate destination for 3D printable action figure parts! With a commitment to creating original and high-quality accessories, AFF is revolutionizing the world of action figures. Their main focus is on the customized development of Mythic Legions, ensuring that collectors can enhance their figures with unique additions. By supporting AFF, you can help them expand their product line and bring even more exciting creations to life. Each month, AFF aims to release a range of incredible products. This includes a variety of items such as heads, weapons, shields, pauldrons, wrist armor, legs, and boots. These monthly releases are just the beginning, as AFF plans to introduce new types of products as they achieve their goals. As a supporter, you'll have exclusive access to download all past products without any restrictions once your sponsorship accumulates to $100 on Patreon. To ensure the best printing results, AFF recommends printing the files at a local industrial 3D printing shop. However, if you have a home 3D printer, they advise using FDM for long poles or thinner areas. They even separate these parts for your convenience. Plus, as a token of appreciation for your support, all sponsors receive a Welcome Box filled with exciting goodies such as neck parts (Adapter), shield handles, and shield-to-torso connectors. One of the most exciting aspects of being a supporter at the merchant level is the ability to sell all prints designed by AFF. While mass production through molds or castings is not allowed, merchants can sell remixed 3D printed products from AFF. It's important to note that each merchant is responsible for the legality and performance consequences of these remixed materials. To provide transparency and authenticity, merchants must include a specific paragraph next to their product pages or websites stating their official licensing from Action Figure Fusion. With an official website that showcases their incredible creations and a dedicated community on Patreon, Action Figure Fusion is the go-to destination for action figure enthusiasts and collectors. Don't miss out on the opportunity to support their innovative work and unlock a world of endless possibilities for your action figures. Join the AFF community today and take your collection to new heights!


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