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3dmonster is a talented creator who specializes in creating 3D characters, videos about the process, and lifestyle content. At the age of 40, 3dmonster decided to pursue a career as a 3D artist from scratch and has achieved impressive results. Currently working as a 3D character artist in a game development studio, 3dmonster's portfolio showcases high-quality projects that have caught the attention of various studios, leading to frequent job offers. Despite not having any natural talent or drawing skills, 3dmonster's creations are mind-blowing, proving that talent is not a prerequisite for creativity. The key to success lies in dedication and discipline, which are accessible to everyone. Through their own journey, 3dmonster shares the inspiring and true information that talent is not the most important factor in achieving greatness. With a shared goal of creating their own game project and turning it into a source of income, 3dmonster created this page to share their personal experiences and insights that cannot be fully expressed on YouTube due to the limitations caused by hate comments. By supporting 3dmonster with just $5 per month, subscribers gain access to various videos discussing topics such as relocations, work ethics, profession-related experiences, and life in general. All content revolves around computer graphics, self-improvement, and discipline - a narrative filled with dreams, hope, perseverance, fear, love, loyalty to decisions made, and reliance on an imagined higher power. Welcome to 3dmonster's world!


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